Here is How you can setup and Install Office

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Microsoft Office is one of the most used Productivity suites with exclusive and most unique features available in the market right now.

To install your purchased Microsoft Office, you need to follow this How-To guide step-by-step. You can Install office from


  1. Purchased Office Subscription.
  2. Active Internet connection throughout the Office Installation process.
  3. A Mac or Windows computer with minimum requirements.

How to Setup Office with

  1. Go to webpage.

    Open your browser and Enter URL in your browser, and Hit enter. You can also search for in the search bar.Go to webpage.

  2. Click Sign In, to sign in with Microsoft Account.

    If you have an Office account or any Microsoft services associated account, Use that account to Sign-in, or if you are new to Microsoft Services, you can create a new account.Click Sign In, to sign in with Microsoft Account.

  3. Enter Product Key.

    Enter your product key available in your email that you have used to purchase Office if you have purchased Office from a local store or a retail card. Your product key will be with the retail packaging. Hit Next. If prompted, select country/Region and Language.Enter Product Key.

  4. Click Install to download Office setup.

    In your Account, Under your Office product, Click Install Office button. Depending on your browser, Save and Run the Office setup File. Your Office setup file will be in your default downloads folder, you can manually double click to run it.Click Install to download Office setup.

  5. Click Yes and Run Office Installation.

    When prompted, click yes, and the Office setup will begin the installation. Wait for the Installation to Finish.Click Yes and Run Office Installation.

  6. Click Close and Run Office apps.

    Once the Installation is Finished, Click Close and Go to your Applications folder and run any of the Microsoft Office applications. Your Office setup is complete.Click Close and Run Office apps.

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