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Amazon Com Activate MyTV

Enter Code to add your Device

Sign In to your Prime Account and enter the code that is shown on the device that you want to add to your account.

Where do i find the Code?

The 4 digit Code will appear on your Device that you want to add to your prime TV to get started with Amazon Prime experience.

For best Experience you must upgrade to top amazon plan and the better your Display, the better your watching experience will be.

How can I purchase Prime Video Subscription?

You can easily purchase a prime video subscription by visiting www.primevideo.com and Sign In, Select your Prime subscription and make payment. And you will be subscribed to Prime.

Do I need a subscription to add a device?

Yes! to play any content on the prime video you will need a subscription. Thus making it compulsary to have a subscription before you add or remove devices from the Prime video.

What will I get in Prime Subscription?

Apart from Prime OTT (over the top) media streaming platform, you will get free shipping and other prime perks from amazon with the Prime subscriptions. This will also provide priorty orders and much more. Depending on the time span of your plan.